AeroFitness® Level III

A Total Body Tune Up
Duration: 1 hr

This is considered as the evolution of TRX suspension training with a 3 anchor system.

Train like Navy SEALs or all-purpose professional athletes in order to stay agile and in top form. AeroFitness® Suspension Training is a bodyweight exercise simultaneously developing strength, core stability, power, endurance, mobility, balance and flexibility.

Whether you are in rehab or a professional athlete, this training meets you where the other trainings left you off, activating the fibers of the secondary muscles that support the main muscles back to symmetry for maximum performance.

*Build agility, deeply stretch & tone through suspension
*Target the muscles that drive the hips, knees and ankles
*Protect your body as you build it from head to toe
*Engage your full body weight to develop joint and amplify muscular stability
*Focus on movement through a full range of motion
*Localized Sports/Restorative Massage
*You control the intensity level