AeroYoga® Corporate & Group Training

Duration: 60 min.

Freshen up and challenge your employees to think outside the box!

This effective practice is the most efficient way to regenerate after endurance or strength training or simply after the hard day. Normally we have either our feet on the ground or our buttocks on a seat, while the head as the highest point tries to keep track in the gears of everyday life. All of this is literally "turned upside down" during the session.

The central element of AeroYoga® are inverted postures (positions in which the head is the lowest point of the body). Here the blood can flow the other way, which leads to a relief of the venous valves and at the same time to an increased oxygen supply for the brain. The brain saturated with oxygen thus positively influences all systems of the organism, especially the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Improvements in concentration and long-term memory have even been noted. Since the heart has to pump harder, the heart muscles and thus the cardiovascular system are also strengthened. Inverted postures have a stimulating effect when you feel tired and a calming effect when you are nervous and restless. Slow and rhythmic movements in the comfortable hammock have calming and regenerating influence on the nervous system.