AeroYoga® + AeroPilates®

Total Recalibration Training
Duration: 1 hr

As a therapeutic training tool for the elderly to the elite athletes, you will be put through a series of specific postures, well-defined movements with multiple objectives drawn from the disciplines as well as more modern techniques such as Pilates, Alexander Method, Conceptual Fitness and more. With this mixture of influences comes the originality of the AeroYoga© method, an artistic method and by extension an authentic coaching for personal growth with the most important influence being Natha Yoga which is an ancestral power yoga.

I am the only AeroYoga Trainer in Austria that offers Aero Massage which is integrated into the session as needed. This activates the neural path ways to trigger new perceptions, new information, new impulses, thus activating your highest DNA potential while strengthening the supportive muscle groups, increasing your self-esteem and well being like never before. I work diligently and invest in the development of the body-mind techniques with maximum focus on security.

"When we dominate gravity & overcome resistance, we attain maximum potential.”