Der beste Hangover Die Kalifornierin war eine der ersten, die mit der luftigen Yoga-Form in Wien gelandet ist. „Anfangs dachte ich, es wird niemanden interessieren“, schmunzelt die 51-Jährige heute. Inzwischen hat sie eine wahre Fan-Community um sich geschart. Doch das nicht zuletzt deshalb, weil sie das Grundkonzept aus persönlichen Erfahrungen heraus noch kräftig erweitert hat: „Ich hatte mein ganzes Leben lang Probleme mit der Wirbelsäule“, holt sie aus. Erst mit Aerial Yoga konnte sie ihre chronischen Schmerzen lindern — und fing alsbald an, Elemente anderer Sportarten zu integrieren.
"I trained with Aiko two times a week for a year in between gardening, swimming and skiing. It was the glue that brought vitality and made me youthful again. I am 67 years old but feel like 45. Thank you."
Vladimir M.
Ex Olympic Athlete
"Thank you dear Aiko for the unique experience I had with you. The feeling after AeroYoga is like being newly in love! You turn the world upside down. It is a very special experience feeling of being in love. Thank you! - Carmen KNOR Miss Austria 2011 & Beauty Expertin"
Carmen KNOR
Miss Austria 2011 & Beauty Expertin
“Aeroyoga with Aiko is just great! On the one hand you can focus on getting the best stretch for your body and on the other hand it is also demanding, since fitness exercises (push ups, sit ups etc) are involved as well! Aiko is a great instructor who is very sensitive and always focuses on the needs of her clients! If you are looking for a fun and challenging exercise, where you get a better perception of your body´s senses, then Aeroyoga with her is perfect for you!”
Yvonne Steinlechner
"Fun and relaxing practice, helping to heal the body and soul from the stress of gravitation. As a hatha practitioner I would strongly recommend Aiko as a yoga instructor and massage theraupeut."
Karen Ehn
Professional SkyDiver
"Great teacher. Super motivated & professional."
"I really like AeroYoga because it helped me recover from recent lung surgery by strengthening my sore muscles around the lung. It also made my return to surfing easier because it helped with my balance on the board and also with my posture and muscles. She is also very nice and makes us feel very comfortable and relaxed."
Rita Bastos Goncalves
Professional Surfer
"​Aiko exudes great energy making her classes unforgettable. I had an awesome AeroYoga class with Aiko at New Wave Gym. Her support, guidance, and professionalism made the class that much more amazing. Am really looking forward to the next!"
Selda Tahiri Guy
Yoga Teacher & Cheerleader
"Aiko creates a fun and effective practice, giving great cues to move and helping you get into the poses. She has a great knowledge of Aerial Yoga and sends out lovely vibes. You can feel her passion for it and she will make sure that you are having fun and enjoying the practice! Anytime again!"
Juliette L.
Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
"I thought I was in shape until I started sweating. I was not happy but the next day I woke up with no pain, felt stronger and with better posture. It works. Highly recommended."
Daniel Bandeira
"Ich habe heute in der aero Yoga Stunde mit aiko eine erstaunliche Erfahrung gemacht: ich kam sehr gestresst und unrund an und durfte erleben in was für einer kurzen Zeit mein Körper bei ihren Übungen den Stress losließ. Das war einfach fantastisch. Großes Lob für diese Stunde!"
Christina Bahlo
"Fantastic class with Aiko. Aeroyoga really gives you a way to work very deeply with the body, plus it's fun and can be exhilarating too, so highly recommended!"
Aiko unterstützt dich durch die schwierigen Posen und sie sind wirklich leicht zu machen! Die Klasse bringt deinen Körper durch totale Konditionierung und mentales Glück!"
Ekatarina Krasovskiy
Austrian High Jump Olympic Gold Medalist
"My AeroYoga session with Aiko was incredible. Her gentle, professional guidance and the peaceful atmosphere she created gave me the confidence to really experience the benefits of AeroYoga. I left feeling inspired and aligned in a completely new way. Thank you Aiko!!"
Kirsten Vuissa
"Aiko good vibes & energy flow to me every time i meet her! It is always something magical happening during my Sunrise Yoga classess with her that brings me on a very positive and good energy level. Thank You Aiko for this! I recently was also at a restoration massage at Aiko and the body "reset" felt plus the shiny face i still have are a very nice outcome! Thank You, was just Amazing!"
Andra Stefanescu
"Body, mind, soul ..great classes and super nice teacher /friend...Thanks Aiko"
Emily Liu
"Спасибо Aiko за сногсшебательное и расслабляющее утро с suspension yoga! Успокаивающая музыка настраивающая на позитив вместе с заряжающими энергией упражнениями это то что нужно, чтобы зарядить батарейки на трудовую неделю!"
Nadine Blissfusion
"Sehr entspannend und doch extrem Muskel stärkend geht bis in die Tiefenmuskulatur"
Zeynep Alan
Я была приятно удивлена : благодаря приятной атмосфере клуба, профессионализму и индивидуальнуму подходу Айко, я осуществила свою мечту - испытала всю прелесть airYoga . советую всем тем , кто не доверяет своим силам - начните под руководством профессионального инструктора и у вас все получится ! спасибо Айко!
Maria F.