Breaking Patterns

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There seems to be a pattern with my clientele. During the first session the client gets pushed to the edge of their comfort zone. Sometimes they fall down due to a miscalculation, thinking that it’s an easy “girly stretch” session on a swing. Others seem trapped in the labyrinth of their mind that mainly functions in risk management while secretly cursing me in-between the breathing techniques, wondering how they got themselves in an unpredictably sweaty inverted stance. Mostly they are in upper management, CEO’s or were /are professional athletes and intrinsically, they always need to be in control. They always need to win.

By the end of the hour they are like newborns, in the zone, cocooned in the hammock. Then I tap certain meridian points as needed to complete the session. They float out of the session in the zone. Once a client left me by saying how they hated it and it was not what they expected, only to call me later with a confession of how they felt out of control, apologized and if they can please continue the training.

They broke through a pattern and this is the first step breaking through a plateau. For some, an unexpected therapy is born from this point on. I never know the outcome of each new client so it has been interesting to observe and gratifying to meet them at their core Being, because this is the point needed to rebuild from their original blueprint.

Confessions of an AeroYoga Trainer

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