The benefits are palpable and through experience with the students and thanks to clinical studies by doctors of sports medicine, we can verify the following:

  • Strengthens and redefines the musculature 
  • Eliminates back pain 
  • Stretches the spine: decompresses the vertebrae, “oxygenates” the spinal cord 
  • Contributes to good lymphatic and circulatory drainage 
  • Facilitates growth and physical stretching 
  • Rids cellulite and flaccidity
  • Reactivates circulation
  • Regenerates and strengthens the joints
  • Reactivates the digestive and respiratory systems
  • Combats hypertension 
  • Increases creativity 
  • Extremely useful in rehabilitation (physiotherapy in weightlessness)
  • Increases your awareness of the body
  • Increases your mental abilities. 
  • Emotionally relaxing

Is AEROYOGA for me?

Whether you are in recovery, a runner, martial artist, golfer or motorcycle racer, this valuable complementary practice will refine your core, enhance performance, give faster reflex and recovery time while promoting total well being.  

It is low risk, deeply healing and nutrifying for the joints, vertebrae and brain which serves as a center of the nervous system and eye health


Each session improves the posture, body alignment, breathing, concentration, balance, flexibility, attention, agility, circulation & coordination getting to control the 800 voluntary motor muscles. It strengthens the core muscles, formed by the abdominal, lumbar, gluteal and perineal, improving blood circulation and bone formation. It reduces the risk of fractures and is ideal for the prevention of osteoporosis.

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