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Design Villa viewing the postcard bay of Amalfi, Conca and Ravello, town at 5 m.

La Calcara, an arquitectural prize winning design villa, sits in the middle of a 7.5 acres private estate that runs from the Amalfitan road all the way to the sea . It is surrounded by lemon, orange and olive orchards, that together with bouganvilleas in a typical gently terraced landscape they create the classic postcard Mediterranean atmosphere.


Its large infinity sea water pool wiith its 18mx8m in size creates the feeling of being suspended upon the Mediterranean sea. Guaranteeing water temperature always in excess of 75 degrees F, the pool is HEATED in the months of March, April, May, September and October. The pool water, being directly pumped from the sea, is treated with the ozonator system that eliminates chlorine and preserves the natural flavour of the mediterranean sea below. The result is having the sea below the Villa, delivered up to the house pool area, all for a stunning swimming experience.


The property is entirely exposed to the south, located on the coastal stretch from CapoDorso to Maiori, facing directly Amalfi, Ravello and Conca De Marini. The sun rises to the east over a 12th century neighbouring Norman Tower, crosses the Med over the south , and sets over the bay of Amalfi to the west, with the result of illuminating all premises from sunrise to dusk.

Nearest sea, our own at the property sea bay. Nearest sandy beach is Cavallo Morto, at 500m, by water taxi. Nearest restaurants in Maiori at 5 minute car drive. Amalfi at 20m car drive, Ravello 25 minutes drive, Pomepei at 30 minutes ride.


Stepping into the house you will find the main sitting room from where you access the fully equipped modern kitchen and to a panoramic terrace overlooking an authentic Norman tower, the mediterranean sea and a lush forest with an encrusted 11th century Byzantine monastery in the background.

From the living room you also access 4 of the total 6 BEDROOMS , the shaded and furnished east terrace, and to the swimming pool path out on the west side. TWO (2) ADDITIONAL DETACHED BEDROOMS form part of the Villa : one with a queen size double bed with en-suite bathroom, which is part of the main house and has an independent access, and one with two single beds and separate bathroom two meters away from the main house. The Villa features air-conditioning in the main living room and in each bedroom but the smallest one, which is well shaded and served by a ventilator.


From the house through a private path you have exclusive land access to the sea, where you can dive into the water through a sun bathing platform or one of the two natural grottos. To finish up the natural surrounding there is a waterfall, with its sparkling mountain water cascading into the turquoise sea.


The villa is reached from the main coastal road, by accessing via the property main gate. Just in front of the gate there is the SITA bus stop. After crossing the the property gate you would drive aprox 200 yards through the estate on a private road to reach the Villa’s 5 car parking area. From there, it is just a 20 yard plain surface walk to the house entrance, no steps involved. . The pool area is at 30yards from the main house, and there are 15 steps to walk down or up to or from it.


At Villa la Calcara we offer cooking on demand solutions based on four menus. We give tips on favourite restaurant locations, boat rentals and provide free of hassle boat charter services.

45 min. drive from Naples Airport.

DAILY INCLUDES: Morning refreshments & breakfast

Optional: Wonderful meals prepared by a beautiful Italian couple on demand

OR explore the restaurants and villages of Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Positano. Pompeii is 1 hour away.

*SUNRISE Yoga on rooftop with panoramic view of the Amalfi Coastline.

*Restorative Massage

*Private AeroYoga Sessions

*Private beach

*Marine water pool with Ozone treatment 18mx7m in size (heated mid season)

*Mediterrean style interior decor

*Private access to the sea


*Children friendly

*6 bedrooms 7 bathrooms, 5 car park, 10 acres.

*Nature Hikes

*Cooking with gifts gathered from the orchard

Villa la Calcara Via Diego Taiani 163, 84010 Maiori

(actual location revealed upon booking)

2021 is SOLD OUT Reserve your dates for 2022 now.

Contact via Telegram/Signal: +43 660 169 9065


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