About me

Aiko Herzig is an Aeroyoga®, AeroPilates®, Aeromassage® Personal Trainer with a background in Neuroscience, Human Anatomy, Massage Therapy and Naturopathy. She endured many sports related injuries that led her into various healing modalities such as chiropractic care, acupuncture and yoga. Then she discovered AeroYoga and for the very first time something magical happened.  She corrected her own spine and everything else clicked into place.  Everything she had studied and researched over the past 25 years fit together like the faucets of a perfectly cut diamond and was able to systematically incorporate it all under the ‘umbrella’ called AeroYoga. She defended her thesis in 2016 and received a E.U. diploma from the AeroYoga Institute in Spain. 

With over 20 years of experience in fitness training, yoga and deep tissue body work, she combined everything she has learned in the holistic health sciences including energy healing which is based on scientific principles such as reflexology, acupressure, restorative massage and more.  The sessions activate the neural path ways, trigger new perceptions, to re-calibrate from deep within, activating  your highest DNA potential while strengthening all muscle groups, increasing your self-esteem and well being like never before.

Today Aiko uses her diverse knowledge to create life changing sessions that are adventurous yet safe, promoting personal growth using suspension and inversions as a platform to foster creativity, release blockages, stress, detoxify and build self-esteem. 
"We must assess the whole person to avoid short-term results."

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