Restorative Total Body Conditioning

Improve the posture, body alignment, breathing, concentration, balance, flexibility, attention, agility, circulation & coordination getting to control the 800 voluntary motor muscles.

AeroYoga Austria

Activate the neural path ways, trigger new perceptions, to re-calibrate from deep within to activate your highest DNA potential while strengthening all muscle groups, increasing your self-esteem and well being like never before.

AeroYoga Austria

AeroYoga® + AeroPilates®
AeroYoga® + AeroPilates®
1 hr
As a therapeutic training tool for the elderly to the elite athletes, you will be put through a series of specific postures, well-defined movements with multiple objectives drawn from the disciplines as well as more modern techniques such as Pilates, Alexander Method, Conceptual Fitness and more.
AeroYoga® Corporate & Group Training
AeroYoga® Corporate & Group Training
60 min.
Challenge your employees to think outside the box as we put them to the edge of their comfort zone. Deeply rejuvenate the body & mind before work, before lunch or in-between meetings.
AeroFitness® Level III
AeroFitness® Level III
1 hr
Train like Navy SEALs or all-purpose professional athletes in order to stay agile and in top form. AeroFitness® Suspension Training with Aiko is a bodyweight exercise simultaneously developing strength, core stability, power, endurance, mobility, balance and flexibility.

Which results can you get from AeroYoga?

  • Normalize joint function
  • Improve body awareness & control
  • Injury prevention/mitigation
  • Increased neurological function
  • Supplement your fitness routine
  • Enhance sports performance
  • Reduce the risk of fractures and is ideal for the prevention of osteoporosis.

What are the benefits of AeroYoga?

The benefits are palpable and through experience with the students and thanks to clinical studies by doctors of sports medicine; so whether you are in recovery, a yogi, a martial artist, golfer, motorcycle racer, or dancer, this valuable complementary practice will refine your core, enhance performance, give faster reflex and recovery time while promoting total well being.  

What is AeroYoga?


AeroYoga® is the first method of Holistic Fitness, Aerial and Weightless Yoga introduced in Spain, Europe and Latin America by Rafael Martinez since the last decade. It is inspired among other influences by Natha Yoga (ancient yoga) and Ayurveda (the most ancient medicine still applied and studied in India) as well as more modern techniques such as Pilates, the Alexander method, Conceptual Fitness and dance.

Fundamentally it is a practice of body-mind integration. The sessions combine embodied asana, functional movement, breathwork and meditation. As we tune into the living tissues of our bones, fascia and organs, the mind settles and awareness expands. We discover the supportive connections within, and we deepen the nourishing relationship to gravity. In this process, we get to release accumulated tension and inhibitions, revitalize our tissues, and experience a joyful and effortless way of moving and being.


I trained with Aiko two times a week for a year in between gardening, swimming and skiing. It was the glue that brought vitality and made me youthful again. I am 67 years old but feel like 45. Thank you.
Vladimir M.
Ex Olympic Athlete
Aiko supports you through the difficult poses and are really easily done! The class brings your body through total conditioning and mental happiness!
Ekatarina Krasovskiy
Olympic Athlete and Personal Trainer
The sessions are amazing and you’ll be guided depending on your level it’s incredible! So much core awareness involved and a lot of lengthening and you tone at the same time.
Sarah Bagnuoli Rohner
Personal Trainer and Coach
Fun and relaxing practice, helping to heal the body and soul from the stress of gravitation. As a hatha practitioner I would strongly recommend Aiko as a yoga instructor and massage theraupeut.
Karen Ehn
Professional SkyDiver

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